Thank you to the Guests of the Show!

Please visit their sites! They often have information you’d like to know or special offers for listeners. 🙂

Michael Tellinger
Author, Scientist, Explorer, Founder of the UBUNTU Liberation Movement
Dr. Carmen Boulter
Writer, Director, Producer of The Pyramid Code and The New Atlantis
Rashmi Khilnani
Author, Teacher, Channel, Co-producer iGOD
Joe Gallenberger
Psychotherapist, Author, Senior Trainer at The Monroe Institute
Rhys Thomas
Visionary Author, Energy Medicine Expert, speaker, and founder of The Rhys Method
Angelica Rose
Angel Walk-in, Angel Messenger, Medium, Inner Spirit Activist and Author. Angelica assists those who are ready to move their life into heightened levels of oneness with regard to love, joy, peace, prosperity and vitality.
Dr. Amit Goswami
Theoretical Quantum Physicist, retired full professor from the U of Oregon’s Dept of Physics, and author. He is a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness” and has appeared in several films and documentaries.
Dr. Edwige
LightBody Mentor, Spiritual Advisor, Author, Speaker
Susanne Paterson
Mrs. Moses Lake 2017
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