The Loretta Brown Show is a Call In radio show on Alternative Talk 1150 AM KKNW. It’s recorded live and available later as podcasts.

As a teacher, speaker, and channel, I created The Loretta Brown Show to speak to the Global Community about living life in a higher, more peaceful and more loving way. It’s Radio to Open the Heart, Heal the Soul, and Awaken the Consciousness.

Every show is filled with knowledge, often uplifting, sometimes life-changing. I discuss fascinating spiritual and mysterious topics, including Ancient Wisdom, Pyramids, Ancient Aliens, the Great Mysteries, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Self-help, Angels, Spirit Guides, near death experiences, paranormal, and more. The show features great guests with insights and conversations, too.

I invite you to listen to the show and hope it helps you find your way to your very own Beautiful Life.

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